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We design and develop custom projects

Let's go online

You know that the internet offers a lot of opportunities and you want to respond to this with a website, webshop or web application. You want to earn back the investment amply, after all, you want to move forward with the company. We at internet agency TIC can help you with that, read on and you will know how.

How we make your project awesome

Because we have more than 10 years of experience in developing websites, webshops and web applications, we know what it takes to ensure that your project is a success. In concrete terms, this means that we take the following aspects as a starting point for everything we develop:


Every product we develop is a custom solution. As a result, you only pay for what you need. Moreover, custom solutions often function better than standard solutions.

User friendly

During the development we keep your (potential) customer or user in mind. This is reflected in a user-friendly interface and a logical menu structure.


Everything we develop, we take into account any future expansions as much as possible. In this way, your system grows with your company.


Slow websites or web applications cause frustration for your users and can even cost customers. That is why we ensure that all products we develop function quickly.


We maintain close contact with you during the development process, so we can communicate quickly and make adjustments if necessary. You can always get in touch with us. Via email, telephone and chat. Prefer personal contact? Then we will visit you.

Grow even further

In addition to the points above, we are your partner for online success. We can therefore offer support after the delivery of your project in increasing the efficiency of your website, webshop or web application. Think of the use of online marketing resources such as search engine optimization (SEO), Google advertising, social media and conversion optimisation.